I would like to thank Coppercoated Entertainment and KGM Enterprises for the opportunity to come to Canada and minister for the Martin Luther King Celebration, on Rogers Morning Show, and at the U.S. Embassy. I have been raving about my time in Canada since I've been home. I testified at church about how the platform gave me the opportunity to minister Jesus Christ to a room full of Muslims and Jews as well as fellow Christian believers. It was awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity! I think you and Kathy Grant are really allowing God to use you mightily in getting the gospel message out to people who would normally probably never step inside the four walls of the "christian church". Continue to allow God to use you to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and please remember me in your future endeavors. I would love to come back to Canada!  April Nevels - Youngstown, OH
US Independent Gospel Artist - April Nevels - Jan. 16 - 18, 2011
#2  Photo Credit: KGM Enterprises  April at Rogers Television with hosts Derick, TL and JB
#7  Phtot Credit:  Manuel de la Cruz - April Blazing during her performing of "Oh How Precious"
#8  Phtot Credit:  Manuel de la Cruz  April Nevels
#11  Phtot Credit:  Manuel de la Cruz  Standing Ovation for April Nevels at MLK 2011 - Government Conference Centre, Parliament Hill, Canada
#12  Phtot Credit:  Manuel de la Cruz  April with Coppercoated VP, Johnny Blanks
Photo Credit: Mamiel de la Cruz.. April at the US Embassy
Photo Credit:  Manuel de la Cruz..April at the US Embassy
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Coppercoated Entertainment Testimonials
Canadian Gospel Artist Felicia - Jan. 16 - 18, 2011
I'd like to thank you for having me in Ottawa.  I have been interested in coming out to Ottawa for a while and find it a privilage to minister in my nations capital for such a special audience.  What a blessing to minister to a crowd of multiple faiths and ethnicities and all walks of life.  It was a pleasure for me to get to meet seasoned artisit like April Nevels and Kathy Grant.  In talking with them and hearing their testimonies I learned alot.  Thanks again. Felicia - Toronto, ON
Canadian Artist Felicia
Felicia, Aprill Nevels, Kathy Grant @ MLK Inspiration on the Hill 2011
Felicia, April, Kathy & JB with Former MP David Kilgour & Muslim Cleric
Felicia performing at the US Embassy
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US Independent Holy Hip Hop Artist - Herb Jackson  August 20 - 22, 2010 CrED Bootcamp
Overall Level of Satisfaction: 1 - 2 - 3 (3 being most satisfied)
My visit to Ottawa, stay at the hotel and the event at Ashbury College was great!  I give it a rating of "3".  I rate product sales a "5" as my product sales were very good at the Ottawa Church of God! I give a rating of "5" for the relationships that were built and made throughout the weekend; an "8" to have worked with Mr. Clifton Davis  - what an honor! CrED was an awesome event; Kathy and JB and their team did a great job and their hospitality was exceptional I loved my trip and would come back anytime!  Herb Jackson - Boston, MA
V.P. Coppercoated and Co-Founder of CrED Bootcamp
Co-founder, Mack Williams, Clifton Davis, HERB Jackson
Mack Williams, J.B., Herb Jackson
Clifton Davis & Kathy Grant, Co-Founder of CrED Bootcamp during the Grand Finale concert
Ottawa Funnie-Fact

In 1857, Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as the capital of Canada. The choice was controversial, partly because it sidestepped the rivalry between Toronto and Montreal (then, as now, Canada's largest cities), and partly because the new capital was still a tiny outpost in the middle of nothing much — an American newspaper famously commented that it was impregnable, as any invaders would get lost in the woods looking for it.
I just returned from 4 days of ministry in Canada and it was a wonderful experience. There are so many opportunities to score as an artist in Canada.  I want to give special thanks to Kathy Grant and Coppercoated Entertainment (www.coppercoatedent.com)  for arranging my trip and the FIRST CLASS treatment that I received while there. Thanks to the headway that she has made in Canada, we now have a new gateway into Canada. - Phillip Carter , Stellar Awaed Winner, Washington, DC
Multi-Stellar Award US Independent Gospel Artist - Phillip Carter May 27 -30, 2011 Be The Gem Tour
Kathy, Phillip and Derick at Rogers TV May 27 '11
Kathy and Phillip at Parliament Hill for the swearing in of returning MP, Pierre Polievre May 28 '11
Phillip at CHRI Radio, Canada's fave Christian Radio Station and longest gospel show for 4 hrs
Phillip at Ashbury College, Ottawa's most elite IB College